Aigle Wellies

Hand-made, contemporary durable Wellington Boots from French outdoor fashion house, Aigle.

Aigle wellies are handmade – and it shows. French outdoors fashion house, L'Aigle, have been making boots since 1853. Their aim is simple: to help man live in harmony with nature. They use the best quality materials and pay real attention to detail.

The boots are beautiful and, because they're made out of completely natural rubber grown on plantations in South-East Asia and Africa, they last. They're designed to withstand the great outdoors for years and years plus they do fine in storage and can even tolerate Ozone exposure. 

They're practical, many Aigle boots have rubber self-cleaning tread. They're comfortable: features such as rot-proof knit lining keep them clean and dry and the Softex shock absorber insole mean they're super comfortable to walk in. The gomma plus rubber makes them super flexible too - even when it's freezing outside.

Parcours 2 Vario boots have an adaptable gusset and straps which makes it a whole lot easier to put them on and a whole lot more comfortable to walk in them. Couple that with a new design, which supports the roll of the foot and minimises impact, and you've got yourself a dream of a pair of Aigle boots to walk in. They're particularly great for the hikers among you.

All that technology doesn't stop these boots from being gorgeous. Take the brilliantine boot: it's an ultra-gloss boot and comes in aubergine, ruby and bronze green. And talking of colours, Aigle also do a great range of funky primary coloured children's wellies, perfect for puddle jumpers everywhere.

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