Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Even though the kitchen is the centre for cooking meals, an outdoor kitchen is excellent place to entertain family & friends during the summer months. Ensuring easy access to resources can make your outdoor kitchen ideas a reality and contribute to growing the value of your home.

Before you build an outdoor kitchen, it is important to assess various factors to ensure that your kitchen serves you all year round. Here are a few garden kitchen ideas to guide you in designing your dream outdoor kitchen.

Assess Your Space

When planning the design of your outdoor kitchen, it is important to see how much space you have and what units you require. Do you have simple outdoor kitchen ideas, BBQ island ideas or are you considering something more elaborate?

You then need to decide what your cooking needs are, if you will be using the kitchen to only entertain guests, or if you just want to cook from outside. Looking at these factors will help you to design your kitchen according to your needs.

Consider electricity, plumbing, and other utilities that will bring your kitchen to life. We also recommend building your outdoor kitchen where you can easily access the indoor kitchen in case you need to gather tools and ingredients.

Beefeater Outdoor Kitchen

Doors, Drawers & Individual Components

Plan the features and components you would like in your outdoor kitchen, fortunately there are lots of options available depending on what functions you are looking for.

For example, if you have a Pizza Oven as part of your design then consider a log store underneath, or perhaps you would like some draws near to your cooking area for storing utensils

If you plan to include an outdoor sink then why not put an access door so you can easily get to the plumbing, in complex designs this may be plumbed into a near by drain and in simpler version you may opt to simply include a bucket which may require emptying from time to time.

Beefeater Outdoor Kitchen

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If space is a concern then it can be well worth considering a smaller outdoor kitchen which can fit your space a little easier.

Also a small outdoor kitchen or barbecue can be a great starting point if you plan to build upon it later, you can add features later down the line, thing such as fridges and sinks are a luxury you may not need at the start.

Another great aspect of a smaller outdoor kitchen is the price, you can save a lot of money going for smaller layout.

Small Outdoor Kitchens

Build Your Kitchen the Modular Way!

A great way to fit your dream outdoor kitchen or BBQ to the space you have available is to build it with modular units.

Our Draco Grills range of modular outdoor kitchens are both stylish, and practical and you can choose from a wide range of modular units to create your very own custom outdoor kitchen, without the need for any design or build services.

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Choose High-Quality Materials

Choosing strong materials will ensure that your outdoor kitchen lasts for years to come. Even though there are different options to choose from, the material you select will affect the kitchen’s purpose, character, and value. Assessing your surrounding climate will help you determine what materials will suit your outdoor space.

Our patio kitchen ideas feature either a metal or brick based structure, where metal is concerned it is well worth using either galvanised steel or aluminium so as to avaoid the risk of rust, stainless steel is also great for outdoor kitchens however this is more common for the doors and drawers and not as cost effective for the frame.

Beefeater Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

If you are looking to lengthen your outdoor kitchen or create an entertaining spot for guests, you should design it well to avoid adding or changing things after a certain amount of time. Include appliances that will suit what you want to use your outdoor space for.

A practical design will assure straightforward cooking and entertainment. Please ensure that there is enough space for preparing food, serving, storage, and cleaning areas.

If your outdoor kitchen is planning to be an extension for your indoor kitchen, choose a layout that will blend the two areas together.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Being able to cook and eat outside is one of the best parts of the summer, but due to the unpredictability of the British weather, covered outdoor kitchen ideas are worth considering if you're intending to upgrade your outdoor cooking area.

The more shade, shelter from the wind and rain, and additional warmth that your outdoor kitchen receives will increase the amount of time you spend outside.

When it comes to ideas for outdoor shading, there are many options. This includes basic and quick-to-assemble BBQ shelters, timber pergolas, and standalone buildings, and roof extensions. The choices you make will depend on how much space you have available and how basic or detailed you would like your outdoor kitchen coverage to be.

Covered Outdoor Kitchens
Avalon Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Consider Pre-Built Packages!

A pre-built package outdoor kitchen would typically include all of the elements you would want, things such as a barbecue, a sink, a fridge and plenty of storage! The benefit of this approach is the cost can be kept a lot lower than a more bespoke design with the trade-off that the unit is less customisable.

A great example of a pre-built kitchen package is our Avalon Range by Draco Grills

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Outdoor Kitchen FAQ

The good news is that an outdoor kitchen, especially one without a canopy or other permanent shelter, does not necessarily need planning permission. As these will be under the 2.4m height restriction commonly imposed by many local authorities. however, it is always worth checking with your local council prior to starting any building project.

While an outdoor kitchen or any BBQ for that matter may be perfectly happy to sit out all year round uncovered, keeping it covered will help your kitchen last longer and remain clean and ready for when summer rolls around again.

While a sink is not a necessary component in any outdoor kitchen, it can assist in keeping your hands and BBQ tools clean, which in turn can lead to safer alfresco dining with less risk of food poisoning. Also on a hot summer's day, you can always put the plug in and fill it with ice for some extra cold beverages for you and your guests.

The core body of most outdoor kitchens will either be built from a brick structure or will have a metal frame, usually galvanized steel or aluminium which is then cladded with resin or tiled. On top of this, you will then usually find a granite worktop or something similar like outdoor quartz (make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for outdoor life). Although it may seem like an easy option we advise that you avoid using wood in the construction of your outdoor kitchen as wood is both flammable and unless treated correctly could end up degrading and rotting which would lead to a very unstable housing for your BBQ.

For the most part no, when cooking on a bbq or any other equipment you may have in your outdoor kitchen like a pizza oven, ventilation is very important! you can of course have a pergola or something similar over your outdoor kitchen provided it still allows airflow from the sides and if you have something like a pizza oven you send the chimney up through the roof.

This would depend on the BBQ you have, while it may not be impossible with all brands and types or barbcues, it may be easier with some than others. we would recomend contacting the manufacture to find out if they offer some form of conversion brackets or advice.

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Packages

Starting from our small outdoor kitchens all the way through to all the bells and whistles options.

Draco Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Draco Grills Outdoor Kitchen With Searing Station

Starting off simple we have a 6 burner Draco Grills Z640 with searing station to the side, you also have the option to keep the side shelf on the sides for more cooking area that can be packed back down.

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Draco Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Draco Grills Outdoor Kitchen With Searing Station and Sink & Fridge

This package also includes the Draco Grills Z640 BBQ with a Searing station but also a Sink & Drinks Fridge which gives you the most functionality with the smallest footprint and a great start to any outdoor kitchen.

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Draco Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Draco Grills L Shape Outdoor Kitchen with 90 Degree Corner

Take advantage of that unused corner in your garden by adding an outdoor kitchen, this package includes all of the funtions of the last kitchen but with a double drink fridge and alot more work surface.

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Draco Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

Draco Grills Modular U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

And our final package is an all out giant outdoor kitchen designed to turn heads but also cater for some fantastic barbecues, with two searing stations allowing you to cook steaks on one while you use the other for a wok or sauce pan!

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