Grillstream Barbecues

With Grillstream - it's all about the taste!

Grillstream Barbecues allow you to cook delicious al fresco food without hassle, so you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors and relax with family and friends.

With Grillstream technology, there are no flare-ups, less fat and more flavour - your food will be tastier and cooked right through without burning.

So whether you're aiming to impress or cooking up a lazy Sunday brunch, the next generation in Grillstream BBQs deliver the perfect results every time!

Giving you the freedom to try out as many cooking styles as you like, Grillstream Barbecues are like no other - from grilling and griddling to roasting and pan cooking, these versatile barbecues mean that there's no limit to the fabulous meals you can whip up.

The Magic of Grillstream

The Double-Grill System

Grillstream's unique patented U-shaped double grills sit directly on top of each other which means less fat, no flare ups and more flavour.

The Magic of the Second Grill

It's scientifically proven that when cooking meat on any grill. excess fats and juices are drawn to the point where food makes contact. On a normal grill, this can cause fat to drip down onto the burners, causing flare-ups and burnt food.

With Grillstream, fat dripping is caught by the second grill and channelled into Grillstream's innovative fat cup. This means that juices are channelled away, resulting in no mess and no flare-ups!

Delicious, Succulent Food - Every Time

Barbecue food is even tastier when cooked using Grillstream technology. With Grillstream a higher percentage of juices evaporate and infuse straight back into the meat, making for juicer, more succulent food.

Easy to Clean

Without the hassle of fat drips down to the inner barbecue, the cleaning process with a Grillstream is simple. Just empty the fat cup and brush down the grills - easy!

Cook with confidence, achieve perfectly barbecued food - even chicken! You'll be amazed at how great your food will taste with a Grillstream Barbecue.

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