Garden Furniture and Barbecue Storage Tips for the Winter

It's fast approaching that time of year again, when gardeners everywhere are looking to their well-looked after lawns, flower beds and hedgerows through rain covered windows. However, it is not only your plants that need looking after. If you haven’t done so already, it is time to cover up and put the garden furniture to bed for the winter, so that it's safe and ready for spring!

Garden Furniture Cover and Care Guide for Winter

Winter Garden Furniture & BBQ Care

Garden Furniture Covers

It is a good idea to try and store all items of garden furniture. We list storage and protection tips for plastic, metal and wooden garden furniture. However if storing items is a problem or they cannot be moved then garden furniture covers are essential.

Garden Furniture Covers

Plastic Garden Furniture

This needs to be put away in a shed or garage for the winter, away from heavy frost and snow. In freezing cold weather some plastic may crack, meaning you'll be replacing it in spring, so it is best to keep furniture indoors. Plus, we also recommend covering it with fitted cover to keep things clean ready for spring and to make sure that the colour is less likely to fade.

Metal Garden furniture

Cast iron in particular is likely to be too heavy to move, so recommend leaving is situ. However, regular maintenance is needed to prevent rust from building up. Sand down, treat with a rust converter and paint; try to pick a sunnier day for this to leave room for the paint to dry. Once completed, cover for the winter with a fitted garden furniture cover.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden furniture tends to be more specific; but normally a good coat of oil will help to maintain the woods natural colour. Sometimes wooden furniture may need to be cleaned before oiling, usually a good blast with a pressure washer will get rid of old flaky paint or hard to get off grime. Remember to leave the furniture to dry before oiling if you have washed it. Once completed, store in a garage or shed if possible and/or cover for the winter with a fitted garden furniture cover.

Garden Furniture Care

BBQ Covers

BBQS will also need some maintenance over the winter months. A cover for bbqs too big to move is essential to prevent rust from building up and damage to the intricacies of the bbq becoming clogged with twigs and leaves. For smaller bbqs, if you have room, being moved into the garage or shed is also effective but ideally put a cover over it for extra protection.

Storage Boxes

If you do not have a shed, then you can store any pillows or smaller items of furniture in a storage box. These are great for protecting outside items in the winter months and keeping the garden tidy during the summer.

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