Christmas Trends & Xmas Lights Guide 2023

Xmas Reindeer Light

Christmas will be here before we know it, so it would be a good idea to start planning the Christmas decorations you would like to feature in your indoor & outdoor festive displays this year.

Whether you are planning to create a Winter Wonderland in your front garden with a light up Christmas Reindeer or fill your house with colour using a fibre optic Christmas tree, we offer a wide selection of indoor Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas figures/lights here at Garden Trends that will fill your garden or home with Christmas spirit and be the talk of the neighbourhood this festive season.

We've put together a helpful guide on the many items we sell in this blog post to assist you in determining which ones will work in your house in Christmas 2023 out of the various Xmas trees and festive figures available.

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

The artificial Christmas trees of the trees are Fibre Optic Christmas Trees. These trees are an example of an affordable option of Christmas décor that stands out from everything you have seen because no additional lights are required.

With the use of the latest LED technology instead of traditional halogen, the lights on these trendy trees are significantly more cost and energy effective than classic Christmas bulbs. This type of modern indoor lighting gives these trees such a heavenly ethereal glow, which is primarily due to the light coming from the tree itself rather than standard Christmas lights wrapped around the tree. A lot of people adore this bright and luminous appearance as it adds a touch of joy to the home over the festive period.

Because of their appealing and unique illuminations, fibre optic Christmas trees have made in various colours besides the conventional green. Examples of these fun tree colours include blue, white, and gold.

Another feature to keep in mind is lighting possibilities, since the lights and optics on these trees come in loads of different colours. You can select a lighting function to suit your tastes/needs on some of them, too.

They are also available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit every type of room in the home, plus have a longer lifespan than real Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Trees

The endless discussion when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree is whether to choose a real or artificial one. We all look forward to decorating the tree every year, so we want to be sure we're picking the right one.

Nowadays, there are many different varieties of artificial trees available, and here at Garden Trends, we are delighted to provide customers with a huge selection of sizes, styles, and colours to meet their needs. From a 4 footer to a 7 foot beauty, your options are endless. The most popular model is a 7ft, which fits most living rooms beautifully and is large enough to take up plenty of space without being intrusive. The 4ft, meanwhile, is a better choice if you have young children because it will a lot easier for them to decorate.

Compared to actual trees, artificial trees are more economical. They are typically less expensive to purchase initially, saving you money you may use for other essential Christmas items (e.g. gifts, food). They will live a lot longer than their real-life equivalent as well.

Because they are flame retardant, artificial trees are considerably safer to have around the house than real ones. They also need no care and maintenance, so you don't need to worry about watering it on a regular basis.

In comparison to their natural counterparts, artificial trees make hardly any mess, which means you won't need to hoover up any loose branches.

Discover Our Magical Christmas Range

Outdoor Christmas Figures are another popular type of Christmas lighting. Christmas Reindeer Lights, LED Snowmen, and Christmas Lanterns are examples of great ways to bring Christmas to life in your garden.

Outdoor Light Up Christmas Reindeer

Outdoor Light Up Christmas Reindeer

Whether you fancy a white LED stag silhouette or a herd of warm white reindeer, Outdoor Lighted Reindeer are the best choice of Christmas lights for your garden.

Our majestic outdoor Christmas reindeers are a beautiful choice for any outdoor space, whether as a standalone piece or as the focal point of a larger outdoor Christmas display, and is sure to put a smile on the faces of visiting guests and passers-by. Their white lights will light up the neighbourhood with festive spirit, while the beautiful sturdy frame will look just as good during the day! Our outdoor reindeer are ready to be placed wherever you want after some simple assembly; you can put them at the front entrance to your home, on the grass, or amongst the trees.

Each outdoor reindeer comes with an easy timer that allows you to programme your lights to turn on for the same 8 hours every day. Simply press the button to turn them on and they will stay on for 8 hours. Until you reset them, they will come on at the same time every day!

Outdoor Snowman Christmas Figures

Outdoor Snowman Christmas Figures

Walk in a winter wonderland this Christmas in your garden with our adorable Outdoor Light Up Snowman Figures.

We have various designs for you to choose from, like a cool white snowman or natural wicker snowman. These cheeky Christmas figures will put a lot of smiles on people's faces and bring a lot of joy to your Christmas lighting display year after year. All of our snowman displays are easy to assemble and available in different sizes (60cm - 100cm) and will look great day or night, plus they are storage efficient. Each light-up snowman is constructed with a pre-wired metal frame wrapped with various materials and is very durable (e.g. plastic).

They are also equipped with an easy timer, which will enable you to keep your Christmas snowmen on for 8 hours every day and automatically turn off. You can turn off the lights manually if you like.

Christmas Lamps & Lanterns

Christmas Lamps & Lanterns

Christmas Lamps & Lanterns are a relatively new style in Christmas décor, but they are a quick and simple way to turn any home into a festive haven. They will add such a warm glow to the front or back of your garden and are available in Wicker or Acrylic.

Every Christmas lamp and lantern we sell is part of a 'duo bulb' range, which means you can choose between Warm White, Bright White, or a mixture of the two! With this combination of colours, you are sure to create a warm-loving atmosphere over Christmas.

The LEDs are built along the delicate wire that wraps around the frame of these lamps , creating an enchanting winter wonderland. Each Christmas lantern can be hung using the convenient hook at the top.

 Christmas String Lights

LED Christmas String Lights

Star light, star bright! With our LED String Christmas Lights, you can produce an eye-catching seasonal display indoors or outdoors. LED String Christmas Lights are quickly becoming a popular alternative for homeowners.

The significant decrease in the use of energy they offer is an example of one of their benefits. In addition, they cost less than their counterparts and come in any colour, making them an affordable alternative to coloured traditional Christmas lights.

Their extraordinary longevity and endurance is another positive feature. But, the end result is a lot more intense shade as opposed to the faint white tone provided by standard lights. 

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

While many people enjoy the rustic appeal that natural ingredients like pine cones and holly berries lend to a wreath, Artificial Christmas Wreaths are frequently used to make a warm welcome display on your front door, but they're also lovely for enhancing your mantelpiece or making a festive table centrepiece to enjoy while having Christmas dinner. They have a number of more advantages that have made them popular.

The fact that Artificial Christmas Wreaths are more long-lasting than their natural counterparts is a notable benefit. Without having to worrying about buying a new one every year, you can create a variety of festive styles, from classic to modern, with an artificial Xmas wreath. Wreaths made of natural materials are susceptible to withering out, losing needles or leaves, and needing to be replaced often. Artificial wreaths, on the other hand, made from materials like Polyester are more durable.

The affordability of artificial Christmas wreaths is another advantage. Because of the expense of materials and manual design, natural wreaths tend to be more expensive; however, artificial ones can be found for a much lower price.

Artificial wreaths are practical for busy families since they require less maintenance. It might be time-consuming to regularly water natural wreaths to keep them from drying out. Furthermore, falling needles or leaves can make a mess that is difficult to clean up. Artificial ones won't go bad during the festive period and won't need any watering or other regular care.


We hope this guide has helped you in your search for Christmas lights & figures to create the ultimate festive display this year.

If you have any further questions about our selection of Christmas products, please contact our Customer Service team on 0118 3800 381 or Or pay a visit to our showroom at Moss End Garden Village.

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