Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Frosted Artificial Xmas Tree

Many people are presented with the challenging decision of whether to buy a real or artificial Christmas tree each year for their home. We prefer to make sure we're selecting the nicest tree because putting it up and decorating it is a ritual we all look forward to every year.

Today's market is filled with an array of synthetic Christmas tree varieties, and at Garden Trends, we are delighted to provide customers with a wide selection of sizes, styles, and colour to meet their requirements.

In this blog post, we'd like to highlight a few of our fantastic products that are available to buy on the Garden Trends website, plus share with you the many advantages of selecting a faux Christmas tree this year.

Artificial Christmas Tree Benefits

Artificial Christmas Tree with Red Berries


Due to their long lifespan and ability to be used frequently, an artificial Christmas tree can help you save money in the long run. An artificial tree can be cheaper than a real one if you choose a suitable design and even if you purchase one that costs more, it will ultimately mean you end up spending less as a whole because you won't need to buy a new tree every year.

An artificial Christmas tree is the solution if you want to reduce the cost of your essentials for the festive season. Garden Trends' artificial Christmas tree collection comes in a variety of styles and sizes all available at affordable prices, so you'll be confident and thrilled about your purchase.

White Artificial Christmas Tree


Artificial Christmas trees do not need to be maintained. Real trees require regular watering after purchase and display in order to preserve their appearance throughout the holiday season. There's no need to stress out over this if you have an artificial one, so you will be able to relax and do other tasks.

The fact that synthetic Christmas trees are able to last long is another significant advantage. A real tree needs to be disposed after the festive period so you have  to do it all again the following year, whereas an artificial tree may be simply boxed up and kept safe for next Christmas.

Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Pinecones


Real trees have a lengthy history of drying out, being overheated by lights, and igniting. In order to prevent this, they need to be monitored regularly. But that is not the case with faux Christmas trees.

Sparks from electrically shorted lights or open flames can easily ignite dried needles. Our range of artificial Christmas trees are less likely to pose a fire risk because they are made of fire retardant materials.

White Artificial Christmas Tree

Unique Designs

Make sure your décor represents your individual taste and style when looking for the appropriate imitation Christmas tree. It's important to spend money on the perfect tree for your home, regardless of whether you choose a classic style or a tree with a flashy colour.

Garden Trends is the best place for getting the right festive tree due to our distinctive styles. Our unique choices of artificial Christmas trees will make your festivities memorable for years with their range of sizes, colours, and decorations.

Artificial Christmas Trees Selection

Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree

5ft - 7ft Vancouver Frosted Pine Artificial PE Christmas Tree

One of our most endearing trees is the Vancouver Frosted Pine Artificial PE Christmas Tree. Its cool flocked look successfully mixes a wintery colour scheme with the realness of pine mountain trees, creating a Winter Wonderland in your own home.

This realistic Christmas tree's exquisite flocked appearance and the instinctive PE/PVC branch tips will give your home a snow covered countryside feeling. It comes in sizes ranging from 5ft to 7ft and will fit in rooms of different sizes, so you will be sure to find the perfect one for your indoor space.

Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree

6ft - 7ft Davis Pencil Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Do you love the appearance of Christmas trees but lack the necessary space? This pencil artificial spruce tree is a wonderful way to bring a festive atmosphere into flats and houses with small spaces, plus save plenty of room for presents and other decorations.

Its rich green branches are made of PE/PVC, which is flexible enough to allow for easy shaping. Its extremely slim appearance is supported by a green metal stand that can be easily folded flat for storage, and its two sizes (6ft and 7ft) allows you to pick the one that is best for your space.

Potted Artificial Christmas Tree

4ft - 5ft Potted Belgravia Spruce Artificial PE Christmas Tree

Enjoy the excitement of the holidays with this magnificent Potted Belgravia Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, which features strong PVC tips. The Christmas tree's round, plastic pot and green foliage will make your home feel warm and festive once filled with decorations and lights.

Before adorning the tree with glittering lights and decorations, think about setting it up in a dining room or living room so it can be seen from different perspectives and won't block any doors. The branches are constructed with hinges for easy assembly and able to fold back into storage.

Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

6ft - 7ft Boston Spruce Blue Artificial PE Christmas Tree

With its abundance of bushy and blue-tinged tips, the Boston Spruce Blue Artificial Christmas Tree makes for a beautifully icy modern Christmas tree. Not only does it have a contemporary appearance, but also a very realistic finish.

This icy blue Christmas tree has the typical Yuletide look and feel with classic green PE/PVC tips, but it boosts its appeal with its gorgeous trendy blue shade. Full of character, the Boston Spruce Blue is one of our most delightful trees.

Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree

6ft - 7ft Frosted Kilbroney Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones

The Frosted Kilbroney Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones is one of our most attractive trees and is full of personality. It has branches that are gently flocked instead of being a simple green Christmas tree.

Not to mention the greatest part - the Frosted Kilbroney Fir includes pre-attached pine cones. This extra seasonal touch gives it the distinction of being one of our most interesting products - and a child's favourite!

Potted Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

100cm - 150cm Kensington Pre Lit Potted Spruce PE Artificial Christmas Tree

Bring the magic of Christmas to life year after year with a Kensington Pre Lit Potted Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. Pre-lit with warm white LED lights for ease and great for a table top or on the floor.

Decorated with red berries and pine cones to create a modern look, this cute artificial Christmas tree sits in a deep dark brown wicker effect basket with a cloth base, giving it a rustic finish. 

In conclusion, artificial Christmas trees have a number of advantages over real ones, such as durability, practicality, cost-effectiveness, and variety. You can simply pick a tree that matches your room's style thanks to the wide range of types offered. An artificial Christmas tree can be a lovely and useful part of your holiday décor, regardless if you go for an unlit or pre lit tree, or a flocked tree.

If you have any questions about our selection of artificial Xmas tree, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 0118 3800 381 or

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