Draco Grills 22 Inch Kamado Grill with Aluminium Stand

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  • The Draco Grills 22 Inch Kamado Grill is a Ceramic Kamado cooking system that is perfect for year-round cooking. Ideal for small-medium gatherings.

    Constructed using a high-quality ceramic with a hardy outer coating, this grill offers incredible heat retention to allow for the most efficient cooking with the minimal amount of charcoal.

    In this enclosed cooking system, more of the flavour is retained and then combined with the smoky flavour of a charcoal cook, this is the ultimate experience in grilling. Take that step up from a Kettle or Barrel BBQ and make a home for the Draco Grills Kamado in your outdoor space.

    It's not only the traditional burgers, sausages or steaks this is great for; with our range of Draco Grills Kamado accessories, the choices are endless. From Roast joints using the Rotisserie, whole chickens, ribs and brisket on the grills, to pizzas/calzones on the half moon ceramic add-in, enhance everything you cook within this all-in-one grilling system.

    Using the ventilation controls, an inbuilt thermostat and amount of loaded charcoal, you can vary the level of smoke and heat allowing for a traditional BBQ grill cook, a slow cook on a low heat, or as a charcoal smoker for an incredible result every time.

    Included in this set is a Aluminium stand with locking castor wheels for easy movement.

    Please note these grills are very heavy, you should never attempt to move these on your own. We recommend at least 2 strong persons to move this, the more people the safer the move.

    Please take care when moving the grill, due to the construction material (Ceramic), the grill is fragile to drops.

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    • 22 Inch Kamado Grill
    • Unique Matt Bubble Finish
    • Aluminium Stand with Wheels
    • Integrated Thermometer
    • Soft-Close Lid
    • Ceramic Dome and Body
    • High Density Polyethylene Foldable Side Shelves and Handle
    • Adaptable Cooking Choices
    • 3 Year Limited Warranty


    • Cooking Area: 49cm diameter (19.3")
    • Height: 83cm (32.7") GRILL ONLY - 130cm (51.2")
    • Depth: 59cm ("23.2")
    • Width: 115cm with shelves up (45.3") and 59cm with shelves down (23.2")
    • Weight: 150KG

    Set Care:

    To maintain the look and functionality of your Draco Grills Kamado, we recommend regular maintenance. Clean the grill grates and interior surfaces with a grill brush after each use to remove any residue. For deeper cleaning, use a mild detergent and warm water, and avoid abrasive cleaners that may damage the ceramic surface. Any chips in the coating should be filled with an appropriately coloured stove paint to prevent water ingress and paint chipping. Store the grill in a dry, protected area, and cover it with a grill cover when not in use to prevent exposure to the elements.

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