Charcoal Barbecues

Experience traditional barbecuing at its best with our range of charcoal barbecues and grills

There’s nothing like the delicious smoky chargrilled taste of food when it’s been cooked on an authentic Charcoal Barbecue. Watching the coals turn white hot and hearing the sizzle of meat as it’s laid on the grill makes Charcoal Barbecues a clear winner for many. Our range of Charcoal Barbecue Grills have been chosen to provide a great grilling experience time after time. All you need to do is top up the coals!

Cooking a family meal is easy with our Charcoal Box Barbecues. Available in a variety of sizes, most include extra grills for a range of cooking methods. Easy to clean and store, the Charcoal Box barbecue comes with side tables for efficient storage and plating of food.

Our Charcoal Kettle Barbecues are designed to cook exceptionally well whilst remaining compact and easy to transport. The perfect barbecue for smaller gardens and patios, or even balconies. We have Kettle Barbecues from popular brands including Grillstream and Outback guaranteed to give a superior grill despite their size.

If you’re feeling a little spoilt for choice, our team are always happy to give advice on the ideal barbecue for your cooking needs.  Plus, to keep your Charcoal Barbecues looking their best, we also stock accessories and covers to keep your BBQ safe and dry when not it’s not in use.