All Gas Barbecues

Cook up a storm with our fantastic range of Gas Barbecues

If you want a super-speedy way to whip up a 5 star spread then look no further than our range of Barbecues. We've hand-picked the finest Gas Barbeques designed to give you unbeatable cooking power in an instant. 

Why Gas? Well, Gas Barbecues are extremely popular with foodies because they provide the same heat control as a regular hob, but they can be used in the great outdoors! Plus they're incredibly easy to keep clean and are able to cook everything from steaks to vegetables. 

We stock everything from 4 Burner Build-In Gas Barbecues perfect for your own bespoke Outdoor Kitchen right the way up to powerful 6 Burner Gas Barbecues capable of cooking for over 30 people. 

All of our barbecue grills are extremely versatile cooking appliances, but if you want to cook a wider range of food look for one with a hood. Using a barbecue with a hood gives you the freedom to roast and bake your food as well as grilling, so you can tantalise everyone's taste buds with even more great recipes.

We stock superb Gas Barbecues in some great styles from various brands, including Beefeater and Draco Grills. 

Not sure which one to choose? Our team are always on hand to help you pick the right Gas BBQ so feel free to get in touch if you would like some advice.