Make the Perfect Slice with a Fuego Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Imagine enjoy a delicious, mouth-watering chargrilled pizza relaxing in your back garden with family & friends, prepared using your very own wood-fired pizza oven.

Summer is approaching and Fuego's Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens are the perfect cooking appliance to add to your garden for the upcoming warmer months where you can experience unique alfresco cooking.

Fuego Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Custom-made in the Castile region of Spain with exceptional craftsmanship and made of ancient fine clay that goes back to the Roman times, these unique pizza ovens provide speed and efficiency as well as cooking inspiration. Not only can they be used to make pizza, but you can also bake, barbecue, grill, roast, slow-cook, or smoke all kinds of food (e.g. steaks, chicken, lamb, bread, salmon).

Finished in different styles, each Fuego wood-fired pizza oven features a hand-shaped dome, cast iron door and handle, and thermometer dial. They can reach up to 500°C within 20 minutes and the temperature can be maintained for a long period of time. This will save you both time and fuel!

In 2022, Fuego have made some new and exciting changes to their garden pizza ovens. These changes include:

  • Improved Quality of Cast Iron Door: It is now 8mm thicker with stronger hinges that are less prone to oxidization.
  • Improved Quality of Thermometer: It is now located in a slightly different position to the left of the door.
  • Diameter of Flue: This has now changed to 150mm (6 inches).

To help you decide which pizza oven will be the right one for your outdoor space, we have put a guide together about all the models we have to offer.

Fuego Mosaic 80

Fuego Mosaic 80 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Fuego Grey Mosaic 80 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Fuego Mosaic 80 can serve up to 8 people and has a 2x 12-inch pizza capacity, making it ideal for a large social gathering with family and friends. Heating up to 500°C in just 20 minutes, it produces tasty pizza and other amazing dishes with a fine, chargrilled taste that is incomparable to other outdoor pizza ovens. 

Its attractive and glazed mosaic finish on the outer dome of this garden pizza oven shines beautifully in the sun, making it a real centrepiece in the garden.

Available in classic grey mosaic or passionate red volcanico.

Fuego Stone 80

Fuego Stone 80 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The magnificent Fuego Stone 80 will make a lovely focal point in your garden and can create tasty pizza as well as other amazing dishes with an irresistible wood-fired flavour; this garden pizza oven can fit up to 2x 12-inch pizzas at the same time in a matter of seconds and also accommodate two large roasting trays or bake six loaves of bread at once. It is the perfect tool to cater for last-minute summer pizza dinners or large pizza parties with up to 16 guests.

With its tough and earthy cut stone, this garden pizza looks as good as it cooks.

Fuego Clasico 80

Fuego Clasico 80 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Fuego Clasico 80 is a medium-sized pizza oven that will not only make a great centrepiece in your garden or patio thanks to its large size and superb cooking capability (can serve up to 16 people at a time). It is perfect for keen cooks who would like to host pizza parties for family & friends, and is constructed with a classic Mediterranean design with a cool white render finish.

Like the other Fuego pizza ovens, it only takes 20 minutes to hit cooking temperature and offers six distinct and transforming cooking methods: barbecue, roast, bake, slow cook, smoke, and pan cook.

Fuego Brick 80

Fuego Brick 80 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Perfectly shaped in genuine and distinctive terracotta brick, the semi-pro medium-sized Fuego Brick 80 has an impressive cooking ability and produces pizza (plus other dishes) that has a wonderful Mediterranean slightly smoky and charred flavour. That distinctive taste is something which traditional ovens cannot match.

This garden pizza oven will look great in any alfresco dining area, attracting and delighting your guests with the delicious dishes it will produce.


If you have any questions about Fuego's range of pizza ovens, please feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Service team on 0118 3800 381 or

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