Noma Christmas 360, 480, 720, 960, 2000 Multifunction Cluster Lights with Green Cable - Multi Colour

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  • Add some Christmas Sparkle with this set of Multifunction Cluster Lights (Multicoloured) by Noma, which include a delightful mix of red, green, blue, and yellow colours. With four times the number of lights per metre compared to conventional string lights, each brilliant bulb will add to an amazing bright light show. The 6.95 lit length of the 480 LEDs in this set make Noma string lights a popular choice for decorating windowsills, mantelpieces, bannisters, trees, and gutters. The cable lead, which makes up 5 metres of the total length, allows you the flexibility to plug into the closest mains outlet without straining or having any potentially dangerously tense wires. Completed in a dark green colour, the cable complements Christmas trees and other plant displays flawlessly for an attractive and spectacular display of holiday cheer!

    The Noma lights have 8 different settings (e.g. slow twinkle, fast flash) to create the perfect atmosphere for you. Once they are set up, the convenient easytimer™️ function lets you enjoy beautiful lighting for 8 hours every day at the same time. Additionally, an innovative memory function helps you remember your favourite setting and the time you want your lights to turn on, even after you've turned them off at the mains socket!

    The easytimer allows you to set your lights to come on for the same 8 hours each day, simply press the button when you want them to come on and they will stay on for 8 hours. They will come on at the same time every day until you reset them! If you would prefer the timer can be turned off completely.


    • Multi Coloured LED Lights
    • 5m Lead Length
    • Green Cable
    • 8 Lighting Functions
    • Easy Timer (8 hours on, 16 hours off)
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Mains power source (low voltage transformer included)
    • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Lit Length: 5.2m (360 LEDs), 5.2m (480 LEDs), 6.95m (480 LEDs), 10.4m (720 LEDs), 13.9m (960 LEDs), 28.9m (2000 LEDs)

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