Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 2ft to 6ft with Multi Coloured Fibre Optics and Flowers

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  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 30 Day Returnsif you change your mind
  • Size

    2ft / 60cm
  • Colour change Fibre Optics

  • LED star tree topper

    Estimated lifespan of over 35,000 hours
  • Very low energy cost

  • This Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Flowers and Multicoloured LEDsis the perfect way to bring Christmas Spirit to your home!

    Modern Fibre optic Xmas trees are lit with LED bulbs rather than traditional halogen. This makes them lighter, safer (because they don't get hot) and much more energy-efficient, as well as taking up less floor space, allowing you more space in your home.

    The LED driven optic fibres are really enhanced with the flowers covering the LED bulbs.

    With a pot or a 4 feet conventional pointed stand, these trees also take up less room, meaning there's more room for presents! Perfect for any room, whether a 2ft tree in the kid's rooms or 4ft in the living room!

    Please Note: There is no control box with this tree. LED bulbs morph between colours automatically and the fibre optics flash.

    How to display the branches correctly on the Christmas tree

    The pictures we display are of our actual fibre optic trees. The trees are well packaged and will need constructing correctly to achieve the full effect.

    Firstly, build the base of the tree and insert the lower section if you have a two-part tree, then pull down the branches at the top of the lower section until you can find the electrical connection.

    Once you have found the connection insert the top part of the tree into the lower pole and connect the top and bottom section electrical connections together (if you have a 2ft, 3ft or 4ft tree you will not have to do this as these trees are in one section).

    Starting at the bottom of the tree fold down the first layer of branches just above horizontal, this should show the branches being in a shallow “V” format. Follow this method layer by layer for the rest of the tree until you get to the top layer. Then if your tree has baubles or extra decorations, add these and you are then ready to plug in your tree!

    If you find that there are gaps when looking at the tree, this can happen when you look at the tree in different angles e.g. sitting or standing, it does help to lift the branches at the back of the tree at a higher angle than the front of the tree on each layer. This will fill in the “visual gaps” but still enable the front of the tree to look layered and even.

    Our Quality Trees Are Those We Picture and Present in Our Video
    • Available in sizes 2ft/60cm with 50 flowers, 3ft/90cm with 80 flowers and 4ft/120cm with 120 flowers.
    • UK Plug
    • Indoor Only
    • LED, flashing Star Tree Topper
    • Please Note: 2ft and 3ft trees come with a plastic pot stand and the 4ft tree comes with a metal stand. 

    2ft / 60cm Indoor Plastic 33cm 1.5m 9cm 50
    3ft / 90cm Indoor Plastic 49cm 1.5m 10.5cm 80
    4ft / 1.2m Indoor Metal 60cm 1.5m 14cm 120

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