Bracken Outdoors Stockholm Aluminium Rectangular Corner Sofa Set

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  • Bracken Outdoors presents the Stockholm Set - a stunning low-lounge sofa set made from a perfect mix of the most premium materials. 

    The frame is a sturdy and resilient powder coated aluminium, perfectly complimented with a lighter grey thick cushion that perfectly supports you. The back of the sofa/support for the cushions is made of a premium rattan poly-weave coloured to look like leather. A very resilient and thick cross woven pattern makes for a unique take on the traditional look of Aluminium Garden Furniture.

    Both the arms of the sofa and the side tables are topped with a beautiful and resilient teak top. 100% FSC Certified Teak.

    Complete your ultimate garden space with this one of a kind furniture set by Bracken Outdoors.

    The cushions are showerproof, but we recommend with any prolonged showers the cushions are removed and stored in a dry location.

    Set Features

    • Seats 6 - 8 people
    • 2x Separate Teak topped Coffee-style tables
    • Strong, lightweight aluminium frame
    • Deep filled cushions
    • Teak sofa arms
    • 100% FSC Certified
    • Faux Leather style Poly-Weave back
    • Easy to clean
    • Can be left outside all year with little maintenance (except for cushions)
    • 5 year limited manufacturer warranty (1 year on cushions)



    • Length of Sofa's Short Side: 250cm
    • Length of Sofa's Long Side: 324cm
    • Sofa's Height: 68.5cm
    • Sofa's Depth: 113cm
    • Large Table: 32.5cm (H) x 87cm (D) x 87cm (L)
    • Small Table: 25cm (H) x 71cm (D) x 71cm (L)


    Product Care

    Cleaning (Aluminium) - During the winter months you will find your aluminium frames will collect dust and dirt if exposed outside or kept in storage. Our frames can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water and a sponge, then rinsed with a hose (leave to air dry or towel dry). Do Not Pressure wash! 

    Any bird droppings or other stuck on stains, Do Not use any hard abrasive cleaners, a metal wool scouring pad may remove the powder coating. 

    Cushions that get soaked through are prone to minor mould growth, the covers can be removed and gently washed with hot, soapy water and non-bleach based furniture cleaner, leave to dry fully. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

    Cleaning (Teak) - When cleaning your teak, do not use abrasive pads or chemical based cleaners, these can damage the natural coating on the Teak and "Scar" the wood if a particularly aggressive cleaner is used. Hot, soapy water is sufficient to clean any residue or dirt/grime from the wood.

    Bird droppings are acidic and will eat through the natural coating of the Teak, if left for a while before cleaning it is best practise to apply Teak Oil after an acid neutraliser.

    Cleaning (Poly-Weave) - When cleaning your Poly-Weave backing, it is important to remember, avoid bleach-based cleaners, as this can potentially discolour the weave. This material is similar to plastic, refrain from using boiling water to clean it or rinse off debris.

    Long Term Care

    Over the usage life of this product, minor chips on the powder coating caused by moving the furniture etc are possible. To prevent water ingress flaking away more coating, you can seal the chip with an appropriately coloured outdoor metal paint. 

    Teak is a natural material; thus, differences in colour, texture, and other material qualities are to be expected.

    It is important to realise that all timber components will age uniformly to the silver-grey patina that is characteristic of Teak. The natural golden appearance can be preserved by applying Teak treatments from the top to keep the timber from deteriorating naturally.

    The British climate is unpredictable, and checks or cracks will occasionally emerge, especially on end grain. These cracks (opening and shutting of the grain) could be caused by abrupt variations in air humidity and temperature, particularly during the summer. This is totally natural and should not have an adverse effect on the strength or durability of the Teak.

    For your Poly-Weave, minor weathering cracks may appear on the extreme edges of the material, this is a natural and expected occurrence due to the varying heat cycling of the UK climate (heating and cooling over seasons)

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