2ft - 7ft Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Warm White LED's and Fibre Optic Lights

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  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 30 Day Returnsif you change your mind
  • Some Assembly Requiredon this product
  • Size

  • UK Plug

  • LED star tree topper

    Estimated lifespan of over 35,000 hours
  • Costs £0.02 per day to run

    Based on using the lights for 8 hours a day
  • Due to its easy assembly and space-saving features, this Green Fibre Optic Christmas Tree with Warm White LED's and Fibre Optic Lights by The Christmas Centre is a great option.

    This faux Christmas tree becomes a festive showpiece because of the amazing light display that each fibre optic branch produces. At the summit of the tree, there is an LED star that flashes.

    Dense, bushy Green branches make up its full-bodied structure, giving it a beautiful and organic appearance. To keep the tree firmly in place, a stand (metal or plastic, depending on the height) is included.

    With a range of sizes available, you may choose whether a little or large fibre optic Christmas tree will be the centre of attention in your space.

      How to Correctly Display your Christmas Tree Branches

      The provided images display our real trees. Even with their meticulous wrapping, each tree needs to be assembled correctly to get the intended look.

      Assembly of the tree's base should come first, followed by the lower section (if needed). Reach down and extend the upper section's branches until you find the electrical connecting point.

      Once the connection is made, attach the electrical wires to the top and bottom pieces of the tree. If your tree is between 2ft and 4ft tall, you don't need to do this because these trees arrive in one piece.

      Working your way up from the tree's base, fold the first layer of branches just above horizontally. This should give the branches a narrow "V" shape. One layer at a time, apply this technique to different areas of your tree until you reach the top layer.

      It does assist to raise the branches at the back of the tree at an angle larger than the front of the tree on each level if you see gaps when looking at the tree, which can happen when you view the tree from different angles (e.g. whether you are sitting or standing up).

      When taking the tree apart, start at the top and work your way down.


      • Available in heights ranging from 2ft to 7ft
      • Warm White fibre optics
      • LED, flashing star topper
      • Plastic stand for 2ft - 3ft trees and metal stand for 4ft - 7ft trees are supplied
      • Four lighting functions controller
      • Easy assembly
      • Indoor use only
      • Black Lead 1.8m

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