LeisureGrow Gas Barbecues

LeisureGrow Gas Barbecues

With a LeisureGrow Gas Barbecue you can be as creative as you like with your food. Barbecue lean cuts of meat, fish fillets and chicken for a low-fat alternative to burgers and sausages, also try grilling vegetables on skewers and fruit with a little bit of sugar on, as part of your 5-a-day.

LeisureGrow Gas Barbecues are designed to give you the most enjoyable grilling experiencing. Our LeisureGrow Barbecues exclusively use new Grillstream Technology as seen on BBC's Dragon's Den making LeisureGrow's BBQs now better than ever!

The Grillstream system utilises a unique shaped double grill system, channeling the dripping fats which are generated during cooking away from the heat source, which allows the food to grill safely - and more healthily - whilst maintaining the authentic barbecue taste. The flavour is trapped into the food as the grill heats to the optimum smoke point temperature, and once the juices have turned into smoke, they then infuse the food with that barbecue taste that we know and love.

Grillstream eliminates fat fires, makes cooking the food healthier, and the clean-up process a breeze! With dishwasher safe grills too, LeisureGrow barbecues are a practical must-have for any outdoor chef.

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