LeisureGrow Barbecues

LeisureGrow Barbecues

Get full on flavour and minimal flare-up with a LeisureGrow Grillstream Barbecue

A LeisureGrow Barbecue is the perfect option for the astute cook looking to combine great flavour with unrivalled grilling performance. Plus, every LeisureGrow Gas Barbecue comes equipped with the revolutionary Grillstream technology, as seen on Dragon’s Den, to safeguard the delicate flavour of your recipes from damage due to flare-ups and burning. 

Exclusive to LeisureGrow in the UK and Ireland, this ground-breaking Grillstream technology is designed to eradicate the flare-ups that burn the outside of food but fail to cook all the way to the centre. The secret lies in the patented U-shaped grills LeisureGrow include in each and every one of their gas BBQs which helps to stream the oils and fat that fall from your food away from the direct heat source.  The result? Healthier and tastier meals that still retain a genuine barbecue flavour, and who wouldn’t want that!

For a superior cook, opt for the super stylish Grillstream Classic 3 Burner Roaster Barbecue, part of the LeisureGrow grillstream range. This durable 3 burner gas barbecue also includes two handy shelves for extra space for preparing veggies and other sides, and features a double skinned enamel roasting hood for extra versatility when it comes to cooking allowing you to roast, bake or grill your food. Thanks to the inclusion of Grillstream technology, it is also exceptionally easy to clean, with a built-in fat catch system designed to reduce cleaning time, giving you more time with friends and family enjoying a wonderful al fresco feast.

LeisureGrow have a fantastic range of Gas Barbecues to meet every budget, including a selection of top-of–the-range stainless steel Gas Barbecues for a supreme barbecue experience. If you would like some advice on which LeisureGrow Gas Barbecue would be best for your requirements please contact one of our team. We’re always happy to help.