Leather Wellington Boots

A fantastic alternative to traditional rubber wellington boots.

Leather wellies: the boot you wear when the weather's against you but you still want to look the part. Leather will stand the test of time: it's a fact. If you're looking for a welly boot that you'll keep for a decade, leather wellies are the way to go.

Our ranges are so stylish, you'll find you don't mind wearing them for the next ten years either. There is something undoubtedly chic about leather, and when you consider its practicalities you've got something you can wear, and feel good about wearing, all year round.

Never mind summer in the city, it's the winter you've got to look out for ice, mud, snow. Your heart is saying fine Italian leather footwear, your head is making a strong case for waterproof lining and rubber tread.

Real fashionistas will tell you that there's no point looking stylish if you don't feel comfortable.


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