Posted by Lee Buller

School’s out for summer! Long holidays mean lots of kid friendly trips and activities your list of things to do can get ticked off very quickly! If you’re stuck for ideas or looking for inspiration then read on to find out some top ideas for this summer.

Get in the Garden this Summer

The summer holidays are the longest time of year that kids have unrestrained freedom to explore the world outside of the classroom. It’s a great opportunity to let their creativity take centre stage and spend time outdoors after being cooped up in school. While the long six weeks can seem to stretch out forever, you can make August fly by with outdoor activities and projects.


After Andy Murray’s spectacular win at Wimbledon, tennis has never had a higher profile. Don’t despair if you can’t afford tennis lessons this summer, Andy Murray’s Mum played games with her sons while they were growing up to improve their co-ordination and balance. Here's some ideas:

  1. Garden Tennis: Space permitting, simply grab something handy from the garage or shed to create a net or barrier so that you can practice tennis shots on the lawn.
  2. Mini Golf: Driveways or paved paths can be perfect for creating a mini golf course. Simply use chalk or wash-away paints to create your own course!
  3. Speed Catch: All you need is a tennis ball. Everyone gets into a circle. The person with the ball then throws to someone else in the circle who has to clap before catching. If you miss the catch then it's one hand behind your back until you catch the next time - two hands and you're out!
  4. Mini Sports Day: You can make this as easy or as competitive as you want. Start the day off with some simple short running races, then why not try adding in a sack race (if you can't get a hessian sack then a strong black bin liner works fine), followed by a mini obstacle course using things from the garage and shed, a skipping race then finish on the classic egg and spoon race.

Garden Movie Night


Cuddling up with a film on a weeknight is a rare treat during term time, but something that can become an evening family tradition during the holidays. Take advantage of the warm summer evenings after dark and set up a makeshift projector screen and arrange garden loungers, chairs and cushions around it. You could even dig out old family baby recordings for maximum fun (and embarrassment!) 


Gardening is an outdoor hobby that you can encourage your children to do from the easiest, such as growing cress in an eggshell, to more ambitious, such as growing vegetables and flowers. To make the experience more personal, allow your kids to paint their pots first.

Use bright coloured paint, shaped sponges and handprints to create lovely lasting decoration for your garden and tons of messy fun. With leftover paint they can also paint large stones to line the garden border, and a sign to hang on the garden shed door. And if you’ve got younger children to entertain too, they will love making painted footprints across the patio on a sheet of rolled out wallpaper! 

Garden Excercise Ideas


Fitting exercise into your daily routine can be tough but it is important to try and fit the recommended 150 minutes of exercise into your week when you can. When the weather is nice there are no excuses, popping out into your garden and doing a ten minute work out couldn't be easier and you soon will begin to reap the rewards of looking and feeling fit. Why not try this 10 minute cardio workout from the NHS?