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Bonfire safety tips

There are many reasons you may wish to have a bonfire at your home, either to dispose of garden waste or to celebrate something such as Guy Fawkes, Follow our simple tips to make sure everyone involved is safe whilst creating and enjoying the fire.

Building your bonfire

Fires can be dangerous and can also spread very easily, so where you build your fire and also how is important. please follow these guidelines:

  • Let your neighbors know beforehand, this way they are less likely to complain
  • Be courteous with the time you light your fire, avoid a warm day when people will be enjoying their gardens
  • Try to find a location away from tree's, fences and sheds
  • Dry wood is less likely to cause excessive smoke, whereas damp wood will smoke a lot
  • Be sure to have clear skies above your fire, telephone and electrical cables could be dangerous if the fire interferes with them
  • Do not use petrol or flammable items to accelerate the fire as this may get out of control 
  • A rule of thumb is to leave a distance of five times the height of the fire from your property in order to keep your house safe

Our bonfire safety tips

After you have lit your fire, please make sure you:

  • Keep plenty of water to hand either with a bucket or a garden hose in case of emergencies
  • Do not leave the bonfire unattended at any point
  • Always keep children and pets a safe distance away
  • Do not allow anyone to operate fireworks near the fire
  • Do not dispose of fireworks in the fire even if you are certain they are depleted
  • Do not burn anything with a flammable warning on the side

After the bonfire has died down its always worth spraying with water to stop it from reigniting.

It's also worth only building the fire on the day you wish to light it, this way you won't have any wild animals nesting inside.



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