Posted by Lee Buller

Choosing Your Perfect Christmas Tree

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to start checking your decorations and preparing. The first decision is your Christmas Tree! It is essential you buy the perfect tree for your home this Christmas, and whether natural or artificial, there are some subtle differences in type and colour.

Choosing a Tree with the FamilyThe tree centerpiece of the festive season. Right from the first day it is bought and you attempt to get it through the door, through to decorating it with your family and then sitting all those presents around the base for family and friends, a beautiful tree is always a focal point for the family.

The traditional pine tree is bright green and tall, it has been part of the decorating the home for years and years. If you want a traditional looking tree this is the one to have. When choosing a natural tree look for a reddish brown bark and thick green pine needles; this will show the tree is healthy and will last longer.

However, these days Artificial Christmas Trees are extremely popular due to the fact they now look real and you won’t have to do so much hoovering!

Artificial Christmas Tree Range

Winfield Fir Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree is a thicker and darker tree, creating a woodland wonderland in your home. Perfect for red and gold decorations as it stands out exceptionally against the dark green.

Elmore Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree has a slightly silvery white or bluish in tint, which gives off the natural glow of winter. Naturally symmetrical and pointed to make the perfect Christmas tree shape. This wonderful artificial version will be a fantastic addition to your home.

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees are perfect for people with little time to put up and decorate a Christmas Tree. These add an instant Christmas feel to any home and come in a variety of sizes and colours. 

LED Cherry Blosson Trees are gorgeous and contemporary trees. Perfect both outside and indoors. These trees can come in a variety of colours with an array of coloured lights to suit your Christmas colour scheme.

REMEMBER: Whether natural or artificial, choosing the right style and shape for home shouldn't be a burden but another aspect to the holidays, so enjoy!