Posted by Lee Buller

Discover the Features and Benefits of a Fervor Barbecue Grill

Summer is approaching, and we all know what that means... barbecue time! This year Garden Trends have gone the extra mile with our range, bringing to the UK from Australia the awesome and great value Fervor Grill.

So, with a huge choice of barbeuces on offer, why should you consider a Fervor Gas Barbecue? Well let us delve into the features and benefits to help you decide!

Fervor GrillsmartGrillsmart ™ Technology

Exclusive to Fervor, the unique Grillsmart™ cooking plates have been designed to allow for the easy redirection and drainage of heated fats and oils as they are released from foods during barbecuing.

The angled cooking plates and channelled cooking surfaces allow fats and oils travel down the collection channel and into the waste cup - which is easily removed for disposal and cleaning.

This makes for healthier, great tasting food and a reduction in flare ups that result in chared food. Watch this handy video to understand more!

Grillsmart™ Grills from FervorGrill on Vimeo.


Fervor Zoned CookingZoned Cooking & Easy View Window

Thanks to the design of the barbecue frames and long cast iron burners, Fervor barbecues offer zoned cooking capability. By using specific cooking zones for different foods, you can grill a variety of foods such as steaks, meats, seafood and vegetables together at the same time.

Fervor’s range of gas grills are fitted with a patented roasting hood design with most models featuring a full width glass viewing window. Because you don’t need to repeatedly lift the hood to check on the progress, heat and moisture are retained inside the hood enabling faster more efficient cooking. Ideal when roasting or using the rotisserie.

Fervor Zoned CookingSelf Cleaning Technology

Who wants to spend a long time cleaning a barbecue after cooking? NO ONE. That’s why Fervor created a patented self cleaning roasting hood.

With a special pyrilitic coated surface, cleaning the inside of the roasting hood has never been easier. When you’ve finished cooking, simply turn on all cast iron burners and close the roasting hood for twenty minutes.

Like the pyrilitic ovens in your kitchen food splatters and residue are burnt away and the surfaces just need a quick wipe down leaving the hood clean for next time.

Still not quite sure? Here's a few KEY points to remember about Fervor's Grillsmart technology:

  • Tasty Cooking

    Cast-iron conducts heat far more quickly than stainless steel leading to a reduction in energy and the use of fossil fuels.

  • Cast-iron keeps cooking temperatures consistent at all times by absorbing more energy and redistributing it evenly over its entire surface.

  • Our cast-iron is porcelain-enamel coated preventing nasty rust marks and scratches in which food can get trapped and cause bacteria to build up. It’s also very easy to clean.

  • When properly maintained, cast-iron will outlast most conventional materials used in the production of grills.

  • Jet Force Ignition for quick and easy lighting. Simply turn the temperature control knobs until you hear the click and the barbecue ignites effortlessly.

Fervor at Garden TrencsWe have two fantastic barbecues on offer, both come with a FREE cover and griddle. For the price, technology on offer and quality... you're going to find it hard to find a gas grill of this capability and at this price.

There are 3 burner barbecue and 4 burner barbecue varients - so choose depending on how many you regularly cook for. Also take into consideration the space you have to use and store your BBQ.

Lastly, if you have any questions or wish to discuss the range further, then give our expert team a call on 0118 3800 381 and someone will be happy to help.